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Hole 1 & 10

Par 4 – 286 metres – Men; 278 metres – Ladies

A tame looking uphill hole with a hazard to trap the off-line tee shot. A hazard on the right side will catch a good drive if your ball is right of centre fairway. Tee shot too far left of centre sees a clear shot to the green inhibited by the line of trees that encroach the fairway. Four bunkers surround the green front, side and back. A ball too far left and long could reach the OOB fence, so precision with your approach is a must.

Hole 2 & 11

Par 4 – 358 metres – Men; 298 metres – Ladies


Hole 3 & 12

Par 4 – 281 metres – Men; 268 metres – Ladies

A large old pine tree is the corner of the dog-leg left 3rd hole.  A straight tee shot across the road is required to be middle fairway. A tee shot too long will also find trees which line the end of the fairway. Club selection from the tee is key to position. Once clearing the dog-leg, bunkers surrounding the green create an opening this is best approached from the right side of the fairway.

Hole 12: Par 3 – 160 metres – Men ; 155 metres – Ladies

A difficult par 3 that is surrounded by bunkers. If you can’t ‘carry’ to the green, the only safe option is to play short and right and chip on. A completely different looking hole to approach from this teeing ground.

Hole 4 & 13

13th Signature hole – ‘Speinkopf’.
Picturesque by its views, but treacherous if not accurate
Hole 4: Par 3 – 198 metres – Men; 170 metres – Ladies
Hole 13: Par 3 – 193 metres – Men; 182 metres – Ladies

Hole 5 & 14

Hole 5: Par 4 – 414 metres – Men; Par 5- 418 metres – Ladies
Hole 14: Par 5 – 485 metres – Men; 445 metres – Ladies

A good tee shot to the middle of the fairway will see you over the slight crest, showing the hole bends slightly. Stay mid-fairway as fairway edge bunkers can capture your second shot. A straight approach to the green is required with bunkers left and right. Not much trouble to the back.

Hole 6 & 15

Par 4 – 306 metres – Men; 275 metres – Ladies

Hole 7 & 16

Par 5 – 498 metres – Men; 460 metres – Ladies


Hole 8 & 17

Hole 8: Par 3 – 137 metres – Men; 96 metres – Ladies
Hole 17: Par 3 – 136 metres – Men; 120 – Ladies

The men’s tee shifts angles and the ladies have moved back

A par 3 that bites! Tee shot must carry to avoid the heavily protected green. Bunkers front and sides are visually daunting, so if you can’t carry the green, best option is to lay-up and chip on. The 8th green has the most movement with alignment, so line your putt carefully.

Hole 9 & 18

Hole 9: Par 4 – 304 metres – Men; 300 metres – Ladies
Hole 18: Par 4 – 310 metres – Men; 256 metres – Ladies
The men’s tee shifts angles slightly and the ladies have moved back

Two fairway bunkers to the left can capture a good tee shot. A straight tee shot across the road is best to find left of centre and hopefully past the ‘corner’ for the best avenue to approach the green. A bogey or worse will usually apply if you find the trees on the right of the fairway. An uphill approach to the green sees the clubhouse beyond it with an OOB at the back and four bunkers protecting it front and sides. Your approach cannot be short as the false front of the green will punish a ball not far enough on the green. It is best not to be ‘above’ the hole position, as the putt down the sloping green can be treacherous.

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