Kathy Dellar Reports

1 June

Final Round
Division 3
The golfing gods were smiling on East this week, with a win of 4/1 to finish a great season. The heavens kept their doors closed this week, allowing play on a beautiful day. The last minute change to the team line up didn't upset our Lyn, who won in the number one spot, with a 3/2 result. Well done Lyn. Fiona kept her game in check and getting closer to the 18th than she'd probably like, but won her match 3/1. Well done. Barb finished off the season the best way possible, with a great win of 6/5. Well done to our pennant captain. Agnes kept her winning ways going with a brilliant win of 1up. Jane was our last minute replacement and did a sterling job to only go down on the 17th, 2/1. A terrific effort and much appreciated filling in.

East Geelong Division 3 has finished in 3rd position, which is a great result for the club. A huge effort by all ladies concerned to have done so well. Our congratulations to Barwon Heads on the flag. Sorry to see Anglesea go out. We welcome though, Queens Park and 13th Beach, into our Division. We hope the willingness and support East pennant receives, continues for next years' assault on the flag!!

Division 6

The golfing gods had the weather right, but forgot to look out for East in Div 6. Alas, our girls going down 3/2. Our position was fairly safe, so had no real worries about the loss, but a different result on the final day, is always the preferred option. Dot continued her great season with another win of 1 up. Shorter than most of her matches this season!! Sylvia couldn't quite overcome her opponent going down 4/2. Glenice had similar trouble with her match, losing 4/3. Judy had a steady solid win of 2 up. A tight match to the 18th. Kae went to the 18th, but didn't have the upper hand before reaching the green, and lost her match there, 2 down.

All in all, a great season also for the Division 6 team, finishing in 5th position. A great effort by all players. Our congratulations to Clifton Springs for the flag. Sad to see 13th Beach dip out. Next season sees The Sands and Colac come in to our Div. We are hoping more ladies will show an interest in playing pennant. We never know, next year could just be the year of EGGC!! A fantastic effort this year ladies!!

25 May

Round 6:

This week saw the "golfing gods" wreak havoc and send it down!  So much in fact that games were cancelled left, right and centre, due to courses being classed as unplayable. (thank goodness I say!!) it was gonna be very, very unpleasant playing otherwise!!  A decision from SWDLGA to completely cancel last weeks round means the following for the final round.

Division 3

Barwon Valley is hosting, so can't improve their position, they're relatively "safe" against relegation. Torquay and Portarlington will be fighting for the win to challenge Barwon Heads for top spot. Which will be a 'non-event', if Barwon Heads win. Barwon Heads will be playing Anglesea, who are currently on the bottom of the ladder. It's a do or die for Anglesea. East will be playing The Sands. Scenario: Anglesea would have to win 5/0 and East lose 3/2 for it to be a tied situation and ensuing play off. There are other possible scenarios but the only sure way to ensure East not to be relegated is TO WIN!!!!

Division 6

Curlewis is hosting, and with different scenarios available, (radical as they might be), could be involved in a fight for relegation! The top two teams are playing the bottom two teams, so they'll be desperate for wins in their fight for top spot. There could well be a play off for that. East is playing the other contender for top spot, in Portarlington. East will be looking for the win, or at least worst case scenario, gaining two games off their opposition. Fingers crossed one of the top two take care of one of the bottom two and we don't have to worry!! Again, the best result is just TO WIN!!!

The ladders stand as last week, with East sitting 5th spot on the ladder in both Division 3 and Division 6.

We wish the girls the best of luck this week and hope all your shots are long and straight and your putts drop!!


18 May

Division 3

Aahh, those 'golfing gods'! I think this was the most stressful round so far this season! East did win 3/2, but not before some very tense finishes ensued. The tussler from the top finished on the 15th in the positive. It was then nail-biting stuff following the other matches. Agnes went down the 18th and went 2 down. A tense finish. Barb then came down the 18th to lose her lead and head up the 19th, where her opponent finished smiling. Another tense finish. Fiona came up a very unfamiliar hole, (so far this season, she hasn't seen this one!), the 18th!! Their match was square and to Fiona's credit, she finished positively and brought in East's second win. Two wins, two losses. The situation was definitely getting tense!! It was all up to Lyn. Lyn seemingly oblivious to the awaiting gallery behind the green, failed to close it out and headed up the 19th, where she played two great shots to the green, and walked off with the win! Talk about tense finishes!! East girls were ecstatic. This has helped our cause tremendously. Next week, Div 3 head to The Sands and are playing B/Hds. It'll be a tough match, but WE CAN DO IT!! Huge thanks to Heather/s for their support ... AGAIN!!!!!

Division 6

East Div 6 had a tough day as well. Hosting is never easy!! Seemed the match of this round was between the now top two teams, Anglesea and Clifton Springs. Anglesea came out on top, winning 3/2, which has now put them on top of the ladder. Portarlington took care of 13th Beach 3/2 and has cemented their place up in third position. It is going to be a tight finish to the season, between the top three clubs. Curlewis defeated Torquay 3/2, one match going to the 19th, but all others fairly cut-and-dried one way or the other. There will a tussle for the bottom part of the ladder, between 13th Beach and Torquay. East needs another win, to just take all other considerations out of the picture. Torquay will be hosting this week, so no points, and in their final week, they have the ladder leaders to play. East will be playing their "do-or-die" match against 13th Beach this week, so their fate is in their hands now. The matchings that are left will be very interesting, as they are either the top placed teams, or the lower placed teams. Each result is as important to each club, for vastly different reasons. Div 6 is the first match at Torquay and WE WISH THE GIRLS LUCK!!! Go East!!!

11 May

Division 3

The 'golfing gods' were shining on East this week, with a very solid 4/1 win for the Div 3 team. After travelling to Barwon Heads with forecast impending ordinary weather supposedly approaching, the only sure thing was the performance of our East ladies when the result really counted!! Barwon Heads had its customary 'gently zephyr', about a two club 'breeze', but our girls handled the conditions better on the day. The tussle at the top was extended out further than hoped, but won in the end. Lyn played steady golf to win her match 3/1. Fiona just demoralised her opponent 6/4. A great win for Fiona. Barb fought back from last weeks result, to inflict nearly the same to her opponent, Barb winning 4/3. Jane, who stepped in this week was unlucky she encountered a player who was really on her game. Jane did comment, she said she was 'beaten' by better golf. She was still satisfied with the way she played her game which is good. This week, Div 3 head to Torquay to play Anglesea, starting at 10am. With the win this week, we have jumped to 5th position which gives us a little breathing space. Our 'rent--a-crowd' was again there supporting us!! Thank you!!

Division 6

East Div 6 has produced the goods again and is sitting 2pts and only one game from the leaders, after their 3/2 win! Woohooo!!! They had a tough team to try to beat, but they accomplished it with aplomb!! The scores would have been tied, and with Dot playing at number one spot, it would have been up to her to get the team over the line. To her credit, she has battled on to the 21st hole for the win!! A great job Dot. Well done!! Sylvia had another steady game, winning her match on the 18th hole with the margin at 2up. Glenice met a tough opponent and had an early day back to the clubhouse! Judy had a close tussle playing in number four spot, and only lost at the 17th with a 2/1 result. Gina, who stepped in to fill 5th spot this week, proved she was a worthy emergency, by taking care of her girl 4/2. The girls this season thus far, have done fantastically well and fully deserve all the support we can give them. Keep it going girls!! This week Div 6 are hosting! So no bad shots will be had at all! It's harder to host though! There should be some good tussles with 1st and 3rd playing it out. We await the outcome of this weeks matches to see where our girls sit on the ladder.

4 May

Division 3

East Div 3 had a disappointing result this week, losing badly to Torquay 5/0. Although there were some close results involved and the girls can be pleased with their efforts in extending some matches as far as they could. There was a tussle at the top position, but the tussle was toppled on the 17th. Reports coming through all day, was that the girls were down in their matches, but to their credit, they fought it out, even though the Torquay players had the lower handicap advantage. Lyn put up a good struggle to lose on the 16th and Fiona did a great job against a fellow club member, but very steady opponent, to only lose also on the 16th hole. Agnes also put up a good fight against her opponent, to lose on the 15th. Barb was a little outplayed on the day by her opponent. This week East Div 3 ventures to Barwon Heads for an 1100am hit-off against Barwon Valley. It is almost crucial for a win. Although The Sands (also win-less) is playing Torquay, we can't rely on them losing for us.!! Thanks again to our 'rent-a-crowd'!!!

Division 6

What a complete contrast for our Div 6 girls!! A very comprehensive win of 5/0!!! Well done!! Dot was the only team member to not win by the 18th! She did however bring in the bacon on the 19th, so well done. Always worth extending the match if it's a win!!! Sylvia had her match done earlier than Dot and Sylv won on the 16th. Glenice was not to be out-done there and also won on the 16th. Judy however was obviously over the hills and roos and finished a tad earlier on the 15th. Sue must have thought it a good idea to get in out of the weather too and she won on the 15th. A great team result this week, giving them a good amount of games which has bolstered their position on the ladder. This week East Div 6 play at Portarlington at 1030 against Clifton Springs. Another win would be a fantastic result for the girls and help cement them in their division for this season.

27 April 2012

Division 3

East went to Anglesea with high hopes of good weather and a fair and good golfing gods result! Alas, not to be. The weather was fine.  But the golfing result was not what we were hoping for. Two ladies brought in positive results, with Agnes having a good win 2up on the final hole, bringing in the second winning result.  Barb had a good tussle with her opponent, only losing on the 17th. That could've extended out to the 18th and beyond, if the golfing gods were kind!  Lyn had a good fight on her hands with her opponent.  Neither player said they had fun on the greens, which kept the scores fairly tight, but Lyn's opponent just getting the better in the end. Fiona was making a comeback, until a setback, her opponent winning on the 15th! Fiona had apparently been down for most of the day, but kept extending the match, hole by hole, which is perfect match-play. A great first-up effort in this division.  Next week, Div 3 travels to Portarlington for a 10.00am hit-off, to play Torquay. Would be good to get a win over them.  

Thanks to Heather Campbell for caddying for Agnes and for the surprise support visit from Heather Dean!!  Great to see you!!

Division 6

East travelled to 13th Beach this week to play the top team.  A tough ask at the best of times.  Even though the team went down 4/1, it was a case of the end score not reflecting the individual scores. We had Glenice losing on the 18th and Kae venturing past the 18th, to lose on the 19th.  Still a good effort.  Well done.  Sylvia had a tough ask on a difficult course with her opponent.  Putting up a good fight though, to only go down on the 15th.  Dot had a brilliant win of 6/5, easily taking care of her victim!!  Judy had an experienced player on her hands and went down 5/4. Nothing to be overly concerned about, as Anglesea and Portarlington are shaping up to be the teams to beat this season. A win this week would be a good way to kick back into the field. This coming week, our Div 6 team will be venturing down to the roos at Anglesea for a 10.30am hit-off against Torquay.  Here is a good chance to recoup some games.  It would be very handy if Curlewis could take care of 13th Beach, that would make life a little easier for our girls.  We can only hope!! Good way to solve it would be a good win over Torquay!!  Good luck girls!!  

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