Reprinted from Transplant Voice- The Newsletter of Transplant Australia
September 2013

 Our Story Judith Mather (donor) and Barry Freeman (recipient)  

I decided I could make a difference to my ailing brother's lifestyle .I had done enough research & had the appropriate preliminary tests to know I was a suitable kidney donor.

Driving home to Geelong from Prince Henry's hospital I called by Barry's house and told him I would like to give him a kidney and suggested we make the formal appointments to get things moving. He was shocked at my offer but grateful.

Such is the miracle of life; Barry and I were a perfect match for transplant.

The surgery uncomplicated, and the recovery powerful, resulting in 25 years of sharing radiant health. I maintain my advantage was being robustly I am today, I remain healthy and ready for life's challenges

Barry was diagnosed with diabetes at the tender age of 12 years. There was no history of diabetes in our family. Our dad was one of eight children and mum is one of ten. Barry has five children and seven grandchildren-amazingly, no diabetes.

Living a very full and active life, Barry grew to own his earth moving business, married and had children.

His kidney failure put this very active life on hold.

Dialysis made an immense difference with the chronic diabetic complexities which had left Barry so weak he was unable to walk across a room, the treatment could not sustain him indefinitely hence my decision to donate.

Barry maintains good health apart from being sight impaired, carries a little weight and has ongoing diabetes issues.

With the use of his motorised mobility aid he maintains his independence along with a supportive family he enjoys Steam Engine Rally’s, learn to dance classes (not quite ballroom) and is a hands on grandfather living a full and active life


Thank you Judith for you lovely story. Barry is certainly looking very well after having a transplant for 25 years. Many of our members will know Judith as a super supporter. She has played Golf at the Geelong games, was in Canberra and also was seen cheering our team on in Sweden at the World Games. It is a privilege to have her as a member of TA Vic / Tas.

 Judy thankyou for sharing your story- continue to enjoy good health and your golf at East Geelong......web

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