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 History Ladies Events

Honour Boards

Female Life Members

Mrs E. J. Heyward
Mrs J. O.(Norma) Wallace
Mrs H. R. Sweetten
Mrs D. J. (Dot)Long
Mrs H. (Heather) Dean
  Kath Dellar




1925  Miss B McKenzie
1926  Mrs T L Gurr
1927  Mrs G Adamson
1928  Mrs E Bradley
1929  Mrs S N Wood
1930  Mrs L Reynolds
1931  Mrs S N Wood
1932-35Miss L Kennedy
1936-37Miss M Bradley
1938  Mrs M Thewlis
   Mrs J O Wallace
1939  Mrs G R Dixon
1940-41Miss L Kennedy
1942  Mrs A Cavanagh
1943  Mrs H Diekman
1944-45Mrs E Hemphill
1946-51Mrs J A McKenzie
1952  Mrs J A McKenzie
   Mrs A Laver
1953-54Mrs D J Shaw
1955-56Mrs J Donaldson
1957  Mrs S J Hopkins
1958-61Mrs F Clark
1962-68Mrs J Blair
1969  Mrs J Mellor
1970-74Mrs N A Nimon
1975-76Mrs C Frisch
1977-80Mrs F Fowler
1980-82Miss N Hagger
1983-85Mrs S Butler
1986  Miss N Hagger
1987-88Mrs K Rusek
1989-91Mrs B Accheni
1992  Mrs S Butler
1993-95Mrs K Black
1995-97Mrs B Walters
1997-98Mrs B Simpson
1998-99Mrs B MacLeod
1999-03 Heather Dean
2003-05 Sylvia Foster
2005-10 Heather Campbell
2010- 12 Gina Blackley
2012 - 15 Barbara Birkett
2016    Kath Dellar
1925   Mrs J Gibson
1926   Mrs J Gibson
    Mrs J J Young
1927   Miss E M Hartridge
1928   Mrs W Libby
1929   Mrs F Sandys
1930   Mrs J Winnicott
1931   Mrs J J Young
    Mrs E J Heyward
1932-35 Mrs E J Heyward
1936   Mrs E J Heyward
1936   Mrs W Libby
1937-39 Mrs W Libby
1940-44 Mrs T W Lovett
1945   Mrs T W Lovett
    Mrs C Reinheimer
1946-48 Mrs C Reinheimer
1949-51 Mrs J Coulthurst
1952   Mrs J Coulthurst
1952   Mrs J A McKenzie
1953   Mrs J A McKenzie
1954-58 Mrs D McCracken
1959-63 Mrs F Fildes
1963-64 Mrs G E Madden
1965-67 Mrs J Uttley- Moore
1968-71 Mrs V Dorron
1972-73 Mrs K Irwin
1974-75 Mrs G Sleeman
1976-80 Mrs F Heyward
1981-82 Mrs V Mahoney
1983-84 Mrs J D McDonald
1985   Mrs L F Height
1986-87 Mrs R Long
1988   Mrs L Walters
1989   Mrs R Long
1990-92 Mrs B Bliss
1993-94 Mrs B Hooft
1994-96 Mrs C Howes
1996-97 Mrs L Taylor
1997-99 Ms W Young
2000-02 Carmel Howes
2002-04 Glenice Hayward
2004-07 Trish Stante
2007-09 Helen Norton
2010-11 Sylvia Foster
2011 - 13 Margaret Hadden


   Brenda Hooft
2015 -  Helen Norton
1924  Mrs L Monahan
1925-26Mrs M Hartridge
1927  Miss L Kennedy
1928  Mrs F Sandys
1929-30Mrs J O Wallace
1931  Miss M McKenzie
1932  Mrs J O'Loughlin
1933-34Mrs J O Wallace
1934-36Mrs W R Harrison
1937-38Mrs J A McKenzie
1939-66Mrs J O Wallace
1967-72Mrs G K Kroger
1973-80Mrs E Dixon
1981  Mrs G Benci
1982-83Mrs R Field
1984-86Mrs D Ross
1987-88Mrs W Davis
1989-91Mrs J Zula
1991-94Mrs J Dunne
1994-95Ms C Stephenson
1995-98Mrs W Haberman
1998-02Mrs S Foster
2002-04Mrs M Perry
2004-08Mrs M Hadden
2008-09Ms L Anne
2010-11Mrs G Hayward
2011  13Mrs M Perry
2013   Marg Inglis
2014 - 16 Sandra Pepperdine
2017   Katrina Lovelock

Club Champions

 Winner receives an individual Trophy and Name on Honour Board

1925-1926MissE MHartridge
1927-1928MissE MHartridge
1928-1929MrsP JO'Donnell
1931-1932MrsS NWood
1946-1947MrsS JHopkins
1949-1950MrsW VDickins
1950 1951MrsRMcPhee
1952-1953MrsS JHopkins
1953-1954MrsA JLaver
1954-1955MrsS JHopkins
1955-1956MrsS JHopkins
1956-1957MrsJ WRiggall
1957-1958MrsJ WRiggall
1958-1959MrsJ HDonaldson
1960-1961MrsJ HDonaldson
1961-1962MrsJ HDonaldson
1992-1993MrsS EButler
1996  MrsHDean
1997  MrsKBlack
1998  MrsKBlack
1999  MrsKBlack
2000   KathyBlack
2001   KathyBlack
2002   KathyBlack
2003   KathyBlack
2004   HeatherDean
2005   AgnesAccheni
2006   AgnesAccheni
2007   KathDellar
2008   KathDellar
2009   KathDellar
2010   KathDellar
2011   JoyeBurton
2012   Kath Dellar
2013   Kath Dellar
2014   Kath Dellar
2015   Kath Dellar
2016   Kath Dellar
2017   Kath Dellar

Quarterly Medals

20032April CDrayton
 11June BBirkett
 16July SFoster
 10Sept PPrice
 16June KDew
 14July FFitzpatrick
 8Sept BBirkett
20065April DBillman
 21June STinkler
 19July HNorton
 13Sept MNiewinski
2012 28 March Carmel Howes
  8 June Carolyn Hall
  18 July Gwen Dixon
  5 Sept Kath Dellar
2013 3 April Gwen Dixon
  5 June Lena Maccora
  17 July Kath Dellar
  4 Sept Cheryl Nash
2014 2 April Elaine Cranny
  4 June Agnes Accheni
  16 July Gwen Dixon
  3 Sept Heather Campbell
2015 1 April Debby O'Shannessy
  3 June Katrina Lovelock
  15 July Lyn Whittle
  26 August Leah Abbott
2016     Kath Dellar
      Katrina Lovelock
      Helen Norton
      Carolyn Stephenson
2017 10 May Carolyn Stephenson
  14 June Carolyn Stephenson
  26 July Judy Bennett
  30 August Carolyn Stephenson


1998 Kae Dew
1999 Carmel Howes
2000 Lee Davis
2001 Cheryl Nash
2002 Kae Dew
2003 Sylvia Foster
2004 Barbara Birkett
2005 Ann Gravett
2006 Dot Billman
2007 Glenice Hayward
2008 Jane Brushfield
2009 Fiona Fitzpatrick
2010 Gwen Phelan-Dixon
2011 Sylvia Foster
2012 Kath Dellar
2013 Kath Dellar
2014 Agnes Accheni
2015 Leah Abbott
2016 Kath Dellar
2017 Carolyn Stephenson

Hole in One

April 1985 Mrs W Davis
May 1987 Mrs A Troup
March 1988 Mrs E Dixon
Sept 1988 Mrs E Johnson
Sept 1993 Mrs N Hagger
Sept 1993 Mrs G Moore
Jan 1996 Mrs V Priddle
March 1996 Mrs S Zula
Jan 1997 Mrs L Davis
Sept 1997 Miss C Hood
March 1999 Mrs A Accheni
Feb 2000 Kae Dew
March 2001 Sylvia Foster
Sept 2003 Sylvia Foster
March 2004 Coral Drayton
July 2004 Ann Saunders
Nov 2008 Jane Brushfield
March 2009 Cheryl Nash
Sept 2012 Dot Billman
June 26 2013 Fiona Fitzpatrick


Max Kroger

Singles Knockout Competition

Handicap (originally) difference between handicaps (now 2012- full handicap difference)

Max Kroger kindly donated this trophy for associates to play for in May 1938.  Max served on committee at East Geelong for some 33 years.  He was Club Secretary from 1931- 1938, Captain 1939- 1948, President 1949- 1958 and Vice President from 1959- until 1964

Max played off scratch at East Geelong and won club championships in 1936, 37, 38, 39, 40 and again in 1949

Max, along with his brother Jack had always had vision of developing a links course within the district, mainly due to the uncertainty of the lease provisions at East.  In March 1947, Max seized the opportunity to purchase land in the Drysdale area on behalf of East Geelong Golf Club.  This land, after many hardships were overcome, is now the well established, Curlewis Golf Club.

In May 1942 (presumably because of the war), the Max Kroger trophy along with the Jessie Winnicott Shield were decided to be abandoned for the duration.  Both events resumed and still continue to be played for.

Max was a foundation member of GDGA (Geelong District Golf Association)

Max held the distinction of being elected Life Member at both East Geelong and Curlewis Golf clubs.

Max died in 1989

1944 Mrs E. Hemphill
1945 Mrs J A McKenzie
1946 Mrs W J Hemphill
1947 Mrs J A McKenzie
1948 Mrs H Nicholls
1949 Mrs D Shaw
1950 Mrs J O Wallace
1951 Mrs H Nicholls
1952 Mrs S J Hopkins
1953 Mrs C Burtonclay
1954 Mrs H Fowler
1956 Mrs W Capron
1957 Mrs H Fowler
1958 Mrs A McGill
1959 Mrs L Arthur
1960 Mrs L Lamb
1961 Mrs S J Hopkins
1962 Mrs S J Hopkins
1963 Mrs K Smith
1964 Mrs J Uttley Moore
1965 Mrs K Smith
1966 Mrs J Bowie
1967 Mrs S J Hopkins
1968 Mrs K Smith
1969 Mrs J Blair
1970 Mrs J Bowie
1971 Mrs S J Hopkins
1972 Mrs E Hoare
1973 Mrs N Drayton
1975 Mrs R Pescud
1976 Mrs F Fowler
1977 Mrs W Morgan
1978   Not Played
1979 Mrs R Pescud
1980 Mrs R Pescud
1981 Mrs F Fowler
1982 Mrs F Fowler
1983 Mrs R Pescud
1984 Mrs D Gray-Macintosh
1985 Mrs B Smith
1986 Mrs G Foster
1987 Mrs B Smith
1990 Mrs V Wright
1991 Miss J Mackay
1992 Mrs K Dew
1993 Mrs J Brushfield
1994 Mrs C Hall
1995 Mrs J Brushfield
1996 Mrs B Simpson
1997 Mrs L Harding
1998 Mrs H Dean
1999 Mrs B Simpson
2000   Not held
2001 Mrs C Howes
2002 Mrs B Walters
2003 Mrs M Perry
2004 Mrs M Perry
2005 Mrs S Foster
2006 Mrs S Powell
2007 Mrs G Hayward
2008 Mrs J Rusbridge
2009   Lyn
2010   Lyn
2011   Glenice Hayward
2012   Not Held
2013   Not Held
2014   Heather Dean
2015   Debby O'Shannessy
2016   Carolyn Stephenson
2017   Katrina Lovelock

Lil Sweeten Perpetual Salver

 The event for this trophy is two rounds of stroke play with the winner determined by the best nett score.

To be eligible to enter this event, members must be 60 years or over and is commonly known as “The Veterans Trophy”

Lil became a member of East Geelong Golf Club on 28 May 1956, and became a committee member in 1960.  Lil served as the Treasurer from 1970- 1979.

Lil, never one to upset anyone was known as the “two handed voter”, her hand would go up for the yes vote and just as quickly go up for the no vote, thus she was never accused of taking sides or favouring one against the other.

A “C” grade pennant player and active club member, Lil was given the esteem of being made a Life Member of East Geelong in 1980, in recognition and gratitude for her services to the club and the many years she had served on committee.

The first round of this event was played for in 1994 after Lil kindly donated this salver.

Commonly know as “Aunty Lil” to may of the lady members, for her friendship and support.  Lil has played “Mother Christmas” at the ladies annual Christmas breakup for many years.

Sadly Lil passed away in 1998 and the family, knowing how much she enjoyed her time spent at East Geelong, and with her friends she had made, felt she would feel at rest and comfortable under the gum tree behind the 1st tee and her ashes were duly scattered there.

1994 Joan Dunne
1995 Loris Taylor
1996 Loris Taylor
1997 Shirley Glover
1998 Val Priddle
1999 Beris MacLeod
2000 Brenda Simpson
2001 Sylvia Foster
2002 Sylvia Foster
2003 Sylvia Foster
2004 YvonneEdward
2005 Glenice Hayward
2006 Dot Billman
2007 Glenice Hayward
2008 Lena Maccora
2009 Judy Mather
2010 Barbara Birkett
2011 Sylvia Foster
2012 Carmel Howes
2013 Gwen Dixon
2014 Merle Lange
2015 Helen Beales
2016 Margaret Hadden
2017 Sue Tinkler

Jessie Dorron Shield

“B” Grade Championship

This event held concurrently with the Club Championships.  A nett event for players with the handicap range from 19- 29.  The winner of the Jessie Dorron Shield retains the shield for 1 year and receives an individual trophy.  This shield was donated by her daughter Heather Dean in 1994

1994 Mrs B Walters
1995 Mrs J Brushfield
1996 Mrs V Gray-Macintosh
1997 Mrs G Dixon
1998 Mrs G Dixon
1999 Mrs L Davis
2000 Judy Mather
2001 Judy Mather
2002 Cheryl Nash
2003 Brenda Simpson
2004 Barbara Birkett
2005 Kathy Butcher
2006 Carmel Howes
2007 Sylvia Foster
2008 Jenny Pitt
2009 Fiona Fitzpatrick
2010 Heather Campbell
2011 Fiona Fitzpatrick
2012 Dot Billman
2013 Agnes Accheni
2014 Jane Brushfield
2015 Debby O'Shannessy
2016 Glenice Hayward
2017 Helen Norton

Merle Heselwood Perpetual Trophy

 To be awarded annually to the most consistently improved player during seasonal events.

Merle first joined East Geelong in 1969, became a committee member in 1970 and handicapper 1972- 1973.  Merle also held the position of District Handicapper from 1980- 1986.

Merle was club champion 8 times, she won 4 GDGA Championships as well as 4 SWDGA Championships.  Always an active and competitive player, Merle played pennant for East from 1970- 1986, was a member of Country Teams 1971- 1986 and along with Dulcie Bowie won the Betty Kernot Scratch Foursomes in 1973
Merle died on 22 October 2016

1986 Mrs D Ramm
1987 Mrs P Cartwright
1988 Mrs G Price
1989 Mrs H Lawrie
1990 Mrs S Zula
1991 Mrs B Simpson
1992 Mrs K Black
1993 Ms C Stephenson
1994 Mrs J Brushfield
1995 Mrs K Black
1996 Ms C Stephenson
1997 Miss C Hood
1998 Mrs C Nash
1999 Mrs B Walters
2000 Glenice  Hayward
2001 Mrs J Sydney
2002 Barb Birkett
2003 Trish Stante
2004 Fiona Fitzpatrick
2005 Mrs S Powell
2006 Helen Norton
2007 Gina Blackney
2008 Mae Hill
2009 Fiona Fitzpatrick
2010   No event
2011 Anne Zanoni
2012 Carolyn Hall
2013 Glenice Hayward
2014 Fiona Fitzpatrick
2015 Debby O'Shannessy
2016 Carolyn Stephenson
2017 Carolyn Stephenson

East Geelong v Timboon

Inaugurated 2001, as a friendly game between the 2 clubs, mainly due to the friendly association of Beryl Walters (East Geelong) and Nola Mitchell (Timboon)

Beryl had previously been a member of Timboon Golf Club, prior to the family moving to Geelong and subsequently becoming a member at East Geelong.  Beryl continued to have strong ties to Timboon and retained relationships she had made with her many friends from Timboon

Beryl approached Kurt Frick (EGGC) a craftsman woodcarver to create the “Hand of Friendship” as a trophy for the event.

Jessie Winnicott

Foursomes Knockout competition

8 pairs to qualify (best nett scores) on the day to go on and play matchplay foursomes, (originally) 3/8 difference between combined handicaps to apply.

Jessie was an active participant at all AGM’s from 1926 until her death in August 1939

1983MrsS EButlerMissNHagger
2009 Judy Mather B Birkett
2010 Heather Dean Agnes Accheni
2011 Fiona Fitzpatrick Jenny Pitt
2012 Joye Burton Lyn Whittle
2013 Joye Burton Dot Billman
2014 Joye Burton Fiona Fitzpatrick
2015 Joye Burton Barb Birkett
2016 Kath Dellar Helen Norton
2017 Joye Burton Leah Abbott

Norma Wallace

 Any club affiliated with WGA shall be entitled to enter 2 teams in the Norma Wallace Foursomes event.

Each team shall consist of 4 players with individual handicap limits of 36 at time of entry.  The main competition of the day is a nett event.  The winning club shall hold the trophy for one year.

Norma Wallace 17 August 1901- 30 January 1992

Norma was Secretary of East Geelong 1929- 30, 1933- 34, 1939- 1966 (some 29 years)

In between, she was Captain of East Geelong in 1938, was a foundation member and delegate for the SWDGA and upon the death of Rene Austin took over as caretaker President in 1956.  1957 saw Norma unanimously elected President, 1958 Vice President and President again in 1959.

During this time Norma was responsible for the formation of the SWDGA constitution and with their affiliation to the VLGU (now Golf Victoria- 2012).  Norma served as district delegate from 1961- 1966.  Norma was elected as a Life Member of East Geelong in 1956.

On 27 May 1963 the 1st Norma Wallace Perpetual Trophy was played- and has continued since.  Norma died on 20 January 1992.

1963 Geelong
1964 Geelong
1965 East Geelong
1966 Queenscliff
1967 East Geelong
1968 Lonsdale
1969 Torquay
1970 Portarlington
1971 Colac
1972 Geelong
1973 Queenscliff
1975 Buninyong
1976 East Geelong
1977 Lonsdale
1978 Queenscliff
1979 Geelong
1980 Anglesea
1981 Colac
1982 Buninyong
1983 East Geelong
1984 Buninyong
1985 Clifton Springs
1986 Portarlington
1987 Clifton Springs
1988 Clifton Springs
1989 East Geelong
1990 Clifton Springs
1991 East Geelong
1992 East Geelong
1993 East Geelong
1994 Curlewis
1995 East Geelong