Chris Chapman- Portarlington Open

Brad Dunn- Inverleigh Open

Division 1 Final- 22 May at The Sands
13th Beach Defeated East Geelong 4/3
Troy Tainton Defeated Nik Tayler 2/1
Steve Symonds Defeated Brad Dunn 23rd
Frank Fowler Defeated Luke McKee N/A
Stewart Drayton Lost to Chris Chapman 3/2
Wes King Lost to Sean O'Neill 2/1
Owen Spackman Defeated Ryan Sealey 2/1
Andrew Kibbis Lost to Luke Ryan 3/2
Division 3 Final- 22 May at Colac
The Sands Defeated East Geelong 4.5/2.5
Craig Corker Lost to Craig Moller 2/1
Brett Balloch Lost to Travis Sexton 1 Up
Riley Siketa Defeated Alex Nivarovich 7/5
Calem Hoffman Drew with Paul Macdonald Square
Chris Burke Defeated Mick Knight 1 Up
Cam Mernone Defeated Scott Hutchins 4/3
Mike Trickey Defeated Geoff Campbell 6/5
Round 7- DIVISION 1- 15 May @ Clifton Springs
East Geelong Defeated 13th Beach 4/3
Nik Tayler Defeated Troy Tainton 2/1
Luke McKee Lost to Steve Symons 5/4
Luke Ryan Lost to Frank Fowler 2/1
Brad Dunn Lost to Stewart Drayton 6/5
Chris Chapman Defeated Craig Fagan 8/7
Sean O'Neill Defeated Max Green 6/5
Ryan Sealey Defeated Andrew Dwyer 2/1
Round 7- DIVISION 3 - 15 May @ The Sands
East Geelong Defeated Clifton Springs 4/3
Travis Sexton Defeated Warren Binder 3/2
Craig Moller Defeated Leigh Datson 3/2
Alex Nivarovich Defeated Mark Bennett 2/1
Paul MacDonald Lost to Garry Trewin 3/2
Mick Knight Lost to Anthony Cummings 3/2
Scott Hutchins Defeated Robert Burza 4/2
Geoff Campell Lost to John Earnshaw 5/4

Division 1 Round 6- 1 May @ 13th Beach  
East Geelong Defeated Clifton Springs 5.5/1.5
Chris Chapman Drew with Luke Allen Square
Nik Tayler Defeated Michael Scott 1 Up
Brad Dunn Defeated Taylor Cameron 4/3
Luke McKee Drew with Michael Platt Square
Sean O'Neill Defeated James Daglas 6/
Luke Ryan Defeated Glenn Styles 3/2
Ryan Sealey Drew with Anton Czarnuch Square
Round 6- DIVISION 3- 1 May  BYE  

Division 1 Round 5- 24 April played at Portarlington
Curlewis Lost To East Geelong 6/1
Todd Morgan Defeated Chris Chapman 6/4
Peter Myer Lost to Nik Tayler 3/1
Steve MacNamara Lost to Luke McKee 3/2
Doug Parkin Lost to Luke Ryan 1 Down
Greg Bishop Lost to Sean O'Neill 1 Down
Ian Walls Lost to Ryan Sealey 1 Down
David Board Lost to Travis Sexton 1 Down
Division 3 Round 5- 24 April played at Barwon Heads
Portarlington Lost To East Geelong 5/2
Justin McGrath Lost to Craig Moller 4/3
Phil Toyne Drew with Paul MacDonald Square
Sam Moore Lost to Mike Knight 3/2
Brian Habell Lost to Scott Hutchins 7/5
Darren Heaton Drew with Geoff Campbell Square
Joe Launer Defeated Stewie Madden 8/6
Max Edmanson Lost to Jimmy O'Shannesy 2 Up

Division 1- Round 3- 10 April @ Barwon Heads  
Barwon Valley Drew With East Geelong 3.5/3.5
Jeff Crabbe Defeated Luke McKee 6/4
Simon Trickey Lost to Brad Dunn 6/5
Damien Jaques Drew with Nik Tayler Square
Adam Lamb Lost to Chris Chapman 2/1
Ross McFarlane Lost to Alex Nivarovich 3/2
David Foster Defeated Sean O'Neill 1 Up
Mitch Crabbe Defeated Ryan Sealey 1 Up
Division 3 @ Ocean Grove 10 April  
Colac Lost To East Geelong 4/3
Jye Tillack Lost to Luke  Ryan 3/2
Andrew Parker Lost to Craig Moller 2/1
R Tillack Defeated Travis Sexton 1 up
D Cook Lost to Paul Macdonald 1 Down
Tyson Finn Defeated G Campbell 2/1
M O'Dowd Lost to Michael Knight 2/1
D Spence Defeated G Rohdse 3/2


Division 1 Round 2- BYE 3 April  
Division 3 Round 2 @ Clifton Springs 3 April  
East Geelong Lost To The Sands 5/2
Sean O'Neil Lost to Craig Corker 1 Up
Craig Moller Lost to Brett Balloch 3/1
Paul MacDonald Defeated Chris Burke 2/1
Mick Knight Lost to David Mallett 4/3
Geoff Campbell Lost to Riley Siketa 4/2
Jimmy O'Shannessy Lost to Mike Trickey 5/4
Chris Rhodes Defeated Anthony Yuke 4/3

DIVISION 1- Round 1
Played at Barwon Valley 

Barwon Heads Lost To East Geelong 1.5 / 5.5
Barry Tippett Halved with Nik Taylor Square
John Nagle Lost to Brad Dunne 7/6
David Lowe Lost to Chris Chapman 3/1
Ricaher Allen (c) Lost to Luke McKee (c) 2/1
Evan Lacey Defeated Luke Ryan 2/1
Andrew Newbold Lost to Ryan Sealey 1 Up
Tony Light Lost to Alex Nivarovich 3/2
DIVISION 3- Round 1
Played at Portarlington
East Geelong Defeated Barwon Heads 4 / 3
Craig Muller Defeated Hague Shier 2 Up
Paul MacDonald (c) Lost to Brad Bennett 2/1
Mick Knight Lost to John Brodie (c) 7/6
Scott Hutchins Lost to Billy Flinn 5/3
Geoff Campbell Defeated Tony Hedley 3/1
Chris Rhodes Defeated Alan Burton 2 Up
Jim O'Shannessy Defeated Graeme Swinton 3/2

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